Wednesday, October 30, 2019

CLEMENTS & CLEMENTINES  All are invited! November 18,'19 in the Mayfield Room at 11 AM Jody Schwartz & Nancy Howell will present the fourth bronze monument in

& CLEMENTINES presents JODY SWARTZ & NANCY HOWELL on The XII Travelers Memorial of the Southwest Series:

“Benito Juarez -  Child to Man” 

This  historical project for our city and region was created over 20 years ago by the sculptor, the late John Houser & continues today with his highly talented son, Ethan Houser. The mission of the XII Travelers board celebrates our region's rich history with monumental bronze statues commemorating the diverse men & women who traveled through the Pass of the North over the past five centuries.

A bright & buoyant Communion Service by our beloved Fr. John Dixon 10:30 AM usually precedes our guest speakers. A loving staff-prepared Thanksgiving Turkey luncheon will follow around noon.  So, bring a friend &/or a Thanksgiving themed covered dish.

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