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Just do it! Love the energy of Bob Burbridge:

Painting on location with a cup of water. Love it!
As in music, remember the 4 C's of creating art:
Color (dominant, focal point and it's contrasting spice color, 
           and the general spice sprinkle).
Commitment to excitement.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Towards understanding the greatness . . .

and the times. That we needn't repeat the folly of mankind, perhaps best
by appreciating the joys of true greatness . . . and that in our very midst.

 I begin to fractionally awaken to the meaning of artistic
suffering as part of life and death as only Rostropovich could teach it. Now i get it - somewhat.
I feel a better person for it but I am not sure what it is.

Friday, May 12, 2017

FINE ARTS MINISTRY Illuminated manuscript

Sunday May 28 we joined together in WR-Hall for fun easy ways to fulfill our God given passion for joy in the Spirit. Some supplies and imagery were provided and some brought their own. Calligraphy pens are great! Illumination and scrollwork were used to embellish and adorn the Holy Texts, especially before the Gutenberg Press mid-15th century. Depicting the content helped people connect their emotional, intellectual and spiritual response to the Word.
"The new is in the old concealed; the old is in the new revealed," said St. Augustine. We explored the same excitement from antiquity or modern work through realism, design, the drawing of what you see or imagine, or simple pattern. In this workshop we learned how to trace, enlarge or reduce the size of imagery with an 8 x 10” photo copy to work from. Feel free to merely glean the useful information. All are welcome!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Great news about "Easter". The eggs are back!!!

Happy Easter! Oh my goodness!
The Bible does not need to be rewritten,
                           but, it needs to be reread.

In Jewish Culture and History by Ewelina Drela April 16, 2017  
A post by Dr. Faydra Shapiro and Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
There are a growing number of Christians that think that the “Easter” is rooted in pagan Babylonian tradition. One of the basic assumptions is that the name “Easter” is but a Christian remake of “Ishtar”, a Babylonian goddess. Even though the words sound similar, they have no etymological connection. The English word “Easter” comes from the Proto-Germanic “austron”, which means “sunrise” – arguably a fitting name for the “rising from the dead”.
What is more important, however, is that outside of the English-speaking world (and that is a majority of Christians!) “Easter” is known by its proper name “Pascha”. Pascha is an Aramaic synonym of the Hebrew Pesach, which means “Passover”.
During this feast, a traditional Christian celebrates the work of Christ’s redemption, believing that only in His resurrection is God’s forgiveness truly sealed. Because of Jesus’ resurrection the wrath of God passes over the heads of believers just as the Angel of Death passed over Israelite homes marked by the blood of the lamb.
An average, English-speaking Christian, however, fails to see the direct connection between “Easter/Pascha” and “Passover/Pesach”. Most of the rituals and customs appear different and – just to make sure that no one connects (and therefore confuses) the two – it was decided at Council of Nicea (325 CE) that the feast of Easter/Pascha is to be celebrated according to a separate dating, and not on the 14th of Nissan as it was originally decreed in the Torah of Moses.
Is Easter a Pagan holiday? No. In fact, it is fundamentally a biblical holiday, but one that has been robbed of its true Jewish character and taken out of its original Israelite setting.

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Another Bob Blast - he's terrific!

Painting tricks for the studio.

Collage dried pallet, peeled from heavy plastic.
Use discarded matts to sharpen the view of the work, etc.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fine Arts Ministry—

The Teaching Philosophy of Barbara L Armijo:  God is With Us – So, Search for Him
Greetings! We have the happy task of bringing art to those who may not yet know that they want it! Lol. We need art – desperately – for without a vision the people perish. Art saves lives! The spark of the creative impulse connects self expression with the godly pleasure of giving our hearts to His praise, to His glory and to His honor. Psalm 66 and Nehemiah 8 reveal that this is the joy of His heart and *is a wonderful, powerful and mysterious discovery*!

Welcome aboard all church family members who are earnestly seeking His face and want to share His amazing goodness with the world. You are much appreciated! In a snapshot, we are building momentum towards the long time shared vision of an Art Fair Ministry: We are doing it! It is happening!

As you develop your own ministry style of celebrating His Presence and our Keys to the Kingdom restored at the CROSS, please permit me to share mine. Based on the Montessori style of presumed mutual respect, I try to impart only the essentials of the project or workshop with the skill of a well rehearsed, refined presentation. First, what I am respecting is the surety that making sacramental art adds the very necessary element of action to the contemplative. Art is a means to own the treasure of basking in the presence of our Father.

Excellent teachings, whether in poetry, music, pot-making, or Ukrainian Egg decorating (suitable for any day of the year except Passover – I am not a fan of Astaroth), -- or any liberating artistic skill, when presented in this style, permits an instant quieting of the self. On first glance, this approach is often confused with lack of leadership by more competitive mores! But, it is Pauline in nature, to count others more worthy.

For age four through college level, it is an amazing way to awaken that inner place, so much like the prayer closet of the heart, where we are free to soar like eagles with the Holy Spirit. Respect and all other positive keys, bloom the necessary attitude for a fruitful atmosphere. Basically: the teacher presents and then steps aside. One continues to listen for needs one could help with, including prayer. But, the overarching goal is to impart self-motivation *where God-given creativity happily resides*.

Your personal outreach-mission rooted in His Word, is welcomed, of course and is imperative as we prepare to invite other churches to the challenge before we invite the greater metropolis with booths and music. He is worthy for us to take deep deep joy in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Nothing is more healing for the nations than to search for Him in each other. As we do so, in this ministry, we are seeking to restore the skill of creativity where it has been lost and to renew the joy and fun of the arts where they already flourish. Amen?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Navah Perlman a Musical Memoir

Navah Perlman - TopicDon't Miss an Amazing Performance with pianist Navah Perlman, as she takes you on a Musical Journey! These interactive Concerts reflect on her life as the daughter of famed violinist Itzhak Perlman. She will enchant you with stories of her upbringing and her incredible musical connections with the world.

Las Cruces
Saturday, February 18
NMSU Atkinson Recital Hall
7:30 p.m.

El Paso
Sunday, February 19
UTEP Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall
2:00 p.m.

Call the EPPM Office for Tickets- 915-833-9400 or go to

 Student Tickets are only $5.00

El Paso Pro-Musica
6557 N. Mesa
El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 833-9400

Zuill Bailey,
Artistic Director
Felipa Solis,
Executive Director

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