Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Clement & Clementines March 18, 2019


This was a delightful time! Click still for a short video:
The Lutherans honor Martin Luther, the Presbyterians
John Calvin, the Methodists John Wesley, and the
Moravians Jan Huss. Why not honor the heroes of
the English Reformation!
John Wycliff, Thomas Cramer, Hugh Latimer, and
Nicholas Bidley. And Ann Askew! Many of them
gave their lives that we could have the Bible and
worship in English and know that we are saved by
grace and share in the Cup at Holy Communion. Did
you know that the Reformation in England began in a
tavern? That Thomas Crammer, the Archbishop of Canterbury,
hid his wife in a trunk? That Henry the Eighth was not a Protestant and won an award from
the Pope? That Fr. Dixon is descended from a married priest who was burned at the stake
in front of his wife and ten children?

Well, we enjoyed an earful!

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