Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great drawing hour!

More to come 3rd Sundays between services!

"Wow, that is special ... for me I need Holy Spirit empowerment for literally
everything from cooking to gardening, not to mention study and prayer.
There was a little line at the end of my "poetry" however, which spoke to me a
nd to Stephanie my eldest daughter.: . . . . . I am calling, I awaken you to my 
Voice. Listen and hen . . . live your reply. "As I thought on this I realized how 
God expects an affirmative reply to His call. What a glorious optimist?
Rejoicing in His beauty,
PS  I am putting and keeping the Fine Arts Ministry in the Tuesday
"prayer and fasting" agenda. I am exhausting myself with excitement over what the Lord is doing using you two beautiful servants of His."
"I spent a lot of time drawing today myself. I often avoid drawing. It is the left brain function syndrome problem. However, I need to draw for some illustration work. I think most of the time I get stumped by what medium to use. Should I use pencil, charcoal, pen and ink? This debate keeps me from starting. So Sunday's workshop got me going too. I did several graphite drawings (sketches) today. I will send a photo of the sea otter I did. He is really cute. 

Suzannah, thanks for your sharing from your lovely poem. That really is the Truth, that God is on the give and He wants a reply!
Love, Cheryl"

"How blessed i am with your enthusiasm and excitement!
Thank you, Cheryl, for your sharing about your quandary
whenever you begin or think about drawing. It is an
encouragement to me regarding several things". -- Susannah Barbian

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